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May 2013 press release\todgomes 5x7 ad

PHBA Softball tournament is in the books.

The PHBA softball tournament is in the books.  Look for your custom gallery link in about a week to view/order your action photos.  Congrats to all of the athletes/teams who participated.

My First Radio Interview!

I just had my first radio interview with 1150AM KKNW out of Bellevue, WA.  I think it went well.  Thanks to Josh and Bruce Hudson (radio hosts) for having me on with such short notice!  Once the audio is available, I will post a link here!  If you are coming to my website as a listener to Success Mashup Radio, please send me a message and let me know (I have some special offers for you listeners).  You can send a message to

Only A Couple More Days!

In a couple of days, I will be making my big announcement here at Tod Gomes Photography!  I am putting the finishing touches on the website this weekend and will be having an AWESOME deal to celebrate!  So… STAY TUNED to for our announcement and our special offer!

Changes and Special Offers Are Coming!

I will be making a few changes shortly to my website (it needs it).  Stay tuned for an exciting new look and special offers on family portraits, senior portraits and sports action photography sessions by Tod Gomes Photography on! galleries

To view all of the galleries at, please visit  You can also click on the Galleries link at the top of the page!


Attention!!! email issue

It seems I have not been getting my e-mails to for a little while now.  So if you sent me an email and I have not yet responded, please forward to and if you like, you can call me at 925-787-1063.  I am working on this issue now and will post an update when I learn something new.

Thank You for your patience,

Tod Gomes, CPP
Tod Gomes Photography

Have You Had Your Senior Portrait Created Yet? Call Now To Save 50%!

Have You Had Your Senior Portrait Created Yet?  For a limited time, save 50% off your session fee.  Call today 925-787-1063.

Night/San Francisco location sessions are limited, so call before they are gone.

Youth Football Has Started! Sports Photographer For Hire!

Youth Football has started and I am available to take action photos of your athlete at any time.  When you sign up, I focus (no pun intended) on ONLY your athlete as opposed to photographing the action.  When one photographs the action, you will get a random selection of photos that are normally not as good as individual photos.  By just photographing specific numbers, you will get a MUCH tighter and overall better selection.  I will not miss that important play because I was creating photos of another player who made a good play.

You will also not have to go through thousands of photos to pick out only the ones of your althlete.  I will upload a custom gallery with only your photos to view (unless you want to go through 2,500 photos in a game lol…).

I can be reached anytime at 925-787-1063 or by sending an email to  Available for ALL sports.

PHBA Softball Tournament Photos Coming Soon!

WHEW!…  What a tiring (and hot) but fun weekend!  I even lost a couple pounds while hustling from field to field.  Just a little note to let everyone know that I am currently working on the PHBA softball photos and I will send out a link to everyone once they are online.  To view other tournament photos, you can visit or