Youth Football Has Started! Sports Photographer For Hire!

Youth Football has started and I am available to take action photos of your athlete at any time.  When you sign up, I focus (no pun intended) on ONLY your athlete as opposed to photographing the action.  When one photographs the action, you will get a random selection of photos that are normally not as good as individual photos.  By just photographing specific numbers, you will get a MUCH tighter and overall better selection.  I will not miss that important play because I was creating photos of another player who made a good play.

You will also not have to go through thousands of photos to pick out only the ones of your althlete.  I will upload a custom gallery with only your photos to view (unless you want to go through 2,500 photos in a game lol…).

I can be reached anytime at 925-787-1063 or by sending an email to  Available for ALL sports.